Gift of Securities Instructions

You might wish to consider giving a security that may increase further in value, deduct its full value and bypass tax on the increase to date. Then, you can use the cash you would have used to make a gift to repurchase the same security at a new, higher cost basis.

Such gifts can result in maximum tax savings with little or no effect on your spendable income and be part of a strategy to periodically rebalance an investment portfolio in a tax-efficient way.

Information for Electronic Stock Transfer to Greenpeace Fund, Inc.

Account# 473-109238
DTC# 0015
Tax ID# 95-3313195
Morgan Stanley

Please contact Greenpeace via mail, email or telephone notifying us of the gift when the transfer is made. If you have any questions, please contact Greenpeace's Rogelio Ocampo at 1-800-621-6038 or by email at

Rogelio Ocampo
Thank you for your support
of Greenpeace.

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